Haley Barbour Is Reportedly Running For President

Bookmark and Share After a week that saw Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour meeting with Republicans in South Carolina, speaking before Republicans in Florida and discussing issues with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel, word is that the former RNC and RGA chairman has in fact decided to run for President. According to an aide and friend of the Governor

We have definitely shifted gears, there is no question about that, Hes running until he says hes not.

According to CNN Political Producer Peter Hamby, that same source reported said;

He is doing the things you have to do to gear up for a presidential bid, said the source.

While this is not an official confirmation of Barbours bid for the Republican presidential nomination, it is the closest thing we have heard from any of the potential top tier candidates aside from Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty, who are largely already seen as candidates but just have not made it official yet.

The entry of Haley Barbour into the nominating contest will be a major factor in the decision of several other potential Republican candidates. While many consider the portly Southern Govern with the heavy Southern drawl to be an unlikely nominee, I for one believe that he is a highly likely to win more delegates to the national convention than many believe he can. I also believe that there is a very good chance that Haley Barbour will be the nominee. At the very least, Haley Barbour will be one of the final three in contention for the nomination.

Governor Barbour has earned the respect of many Part insiders. Elected officials on many levels, past and present are indebted to him for much that he has done to help boost their chances of winning at the ballot box. His most recent, masterful execution of fundraising and campaign strategy as chairman of the Republican Governors Association will in itself have many newly elected and related Governors inclined to help organize on the ground organizations for Barbour in their states. But Barbours been collecting chits ever since he was Chairman of the RNC in the 90s and when Republicans took control of both legislative chambers for the first time if 4 decades.

But favors alone will not make Barbour formidable. The Governor has a capacity for superior political strategy and the ability to attract some of the best in the field. He also has a solid record to run on from Mississippi, and is well liked not only as a politician but also as a sincere, accomplished, friendly man with a jovial personality and deep rooted sense of commitment.

It will be interesting to see how Barbours decision will effect that of his close personal friend, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels. But Barbours now likely campaign will have an effect on the decisions of others too.

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