Michigan Business Owner Endorses Donald Trump for President 2012

Bookmark and ShareRestaurant owner, Darryl Gaddis is encouraging all entrepreneurs, business owners/ job creators to encourage and support Donald Trump to run for President of the United States 2012.

According to business owner Darryl Gaddis;

If we dont get Donald Trump in office, well all be standing in a soup line, right along with our employees and customers. The new government is following a recipe for failure and disaster.”

Gaddis believes that Business owners &job creators understand that you cant spend and borrow your way out of debt. He contends thatbusiness owners understand that if you sell a product that customers dont want – you go out of business and are not bailed out. Mr. Gaddis adds that thebottom-line isthe current administration is dead set on crashing our system, destroying the United States and turning us into a third world country. Business people must step up to the plate and stop the career politicians who are trained, professional liars that prosper off of the taxpayers sweat and eat out of the public trough. We need people who sign the front of the check not the back, said Gaddis.

He goes on to say;

Business owners are the last line of defense and can return America back to its greatness. We business owners andentrepreneurs supply 85% of the employment in the U.S. although NOW our biggest competitor is the US Government.”

Gaddis believes that “Donald Trumps common sense thinking and truthfulness will get this country back on track,and he states;

Whether you like Donald or not- he will get the job done. Donald Trump is the next president of the U.S. if he decides to run.”

In a pressrelease sent to White House 2012 from Darryl Gaddis writes;

“There is no career politician that has a chance of winning against him. The politicians have gotten us to where we are today! We have 46 States Collapsing, 26%-30% Interest Rates, No Loans, High Unemployment, Job Loss, Banks and the Government ROBBING people of their homes, unemployment benefits for three years (turning the country into a welfare state). Food and Gas prices rising to the moon and Insane Stimulus Plans! We need Donald Trump NOW! said Gaddis. Donald Trump is Americas Last Hope and Stand against The Destroyers of HUMAN CIVILIZATION!! It doesnt matter if you are a Republican or a Democrat, IF YOU ARE PRO-BUSINESS -VOTE DONALD TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT 2012!!

Trump has been toying with the idea of running for President and it is assumed that if he does he will do so as a Republican. For many, the prospects of a Trump presidency is an unclear proposition that makes them wonder if the feelers he has put out are more for PR than serious political ambitions. But as is made evident by people like Darryl Gaddis, the prospects of a business leader taking the reins of the Ova’ Office is quite attractive. For some TEA Party activists, Trump’s outsider status is an added benefit. But for Mr. trump to be taken seriously, one has only to ook at what a shrewd entrepeneur like him looks at…………… the bottom line. If Donald Trump does more talk and starts pumping a significant amount of his own money in to a race for President, then we will know that he is making a real investment in to the cause.

If he were to enter the Republican primary Trump would certainly help keep a focus on the free market and even trade and jobs. One thing that has really been irking Trump is the trade inbalance and lack of reciprocity that China has with the United States. He is also not a fan of the oil producing nations which he believes do not treat the U.S. with the rerspect that it deserves.

Whether he will try to address those issues through the public sector rather than the private sector remains the big question. The only thing that is for sure is that if Trump were actually to seek mthe Republican nomination for President, he will make things quite interesting. Just ask businessman Darryl Gaddis.

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